Michigan Vacation Rental Insurors

V.R.I offers full coverage options for vacation rental home insurance, rental cabin insurance, rental condo insurance and any short term rental properties owned in the state of Michigan.

What We Do

The only insurance designed exclusively for YOU and your vacation property. Why risk covering Your Home away from Home with anything but the best?


There is finally an agent to insure your important investments, with the right insurance designed specifically for YOUR vacation rental property. At King & Associates we want you to have a peace of mind while managing your property . Never worry again—and with the right insurance specialist you won’t have too.

Hi, I’m Tim King and I want you to know that you can consider me someone who wants to look out for you. I want to make sure you are taken care of when it comes to ALL your vacation property needs. And the best part is:


When I started King & Associates in January 1997, I had already worked in the insurance industry for several years and saw that mediocrity was everywhere, and was basically the "norm". I thought, just treat people like you would want to be treated, make sure people are protected, provide competitive rates and take care of them EVERY TIME. . . PERIOD.

We know that when you are on vacation you want to feel taken care of and have top of the line service. Not only will you get that with your vacation home and short-term rental, but we are top of the line when it comes to insurance agencies! The BEST part is – when you place your protection with us you receive a personal agent, just for you! You will never hear an automatic machine and you will always speak with someone every time! We believe in making business personal and we plan to keep it that way. Call today and find out why so many others, like yourself have already trusted us.

Why Choose Us

Our business is personal. We are a family, and once you join our family we treat you like you are a part of it. We know everyone and every company is different, and therefore we personalize your plan and coverage for you and you alone.

Important Things to Consider when Insuring your Vacation Property:

General insurance is not always prepared to protect the unique coverage needs of your vacation rental property.

Theft Coverage

Many other policies exclude or considerably limit this coverage because of you home’s income rental usage.

Includes Rent Protection Coverage

Many other policies limit or exclude this important feature for your income property.

Provides Businesses, Trust or LLC Flexibility

Often unavailable for coverage with standard home insurance, these forms are essential when you need to protect your interests and investments.

Provides High Liability Coverage Options for Lawsuit Protection

Your assets need proper protection. Vacation income property lawsuits need proper coverage and the amount is contingent upon the size of your assets. Consider a company that can offer limits above $1 million so you can be covered as your needs change over the years. Also, be sure that your policy doesn't limit your rental liability coverage to "an occasional basis." When you make sure you have an insurance policy created just for vacation income properties, there is no question about the rental use– it is expected.

Offers Professional Appraisal Service

Every vacation income property package includes a professional appraisal.

Don’t get caught in the Gap!

Using ordinary home and condo policies may produce serious gaps in your coverage. With using our specialized insurance program your vacation rental property will be sufficiently covered.

Some insurance companies offer general policies, not designed exclusively for vacation rental properties; resulting in serious coverage gaps and higher premiums. King & Associates Offers Customized Policies to fill in those coverage gaps and offer lower premiums.

King & Associates is also Affordable!

Having the best insurance doesn't have to cost a fortune. Evaluate what you are currently getting for your money. Coverage gaps will leave you with big bills. Getting a consultation from a King & Associates agent is the first step toward protecting your financial investment.

Don’t risk being without the proper coverage!

We Protect All of the Following:

  • 1 or 2 family homes or rental condominiums
    (ski areas, beaches, lake communities, golf, mountain destinations, local attractions etc.)
  • Short term rentals: two night stays-seasonal rentals
  • Year-round rentals
  • Owner use of vacation income property
  • Property of Real Estate managers wishing to help protect the owners financial investment
  • Owners having property in their own name, the same for a Trust, LLC, or Business.

Special Discounts
(credits vary by state)

  • 10% Non-Smoking policy discount
  • 8-15% discount for not having a woodstove
  • 8% Freeze alarm discount Info on purchasing freeze alarms [This website does not endorse any 3rd party product or service.]
  • 8% Exceptional management discount
  • 5-8% New home credit
  • Flexible deductible choices to lower your premiums

Flexible Billing/Payment Plans

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Monthly Pay Plan Options

  • 4 day pay plan
  • 8 day pay plan
  • 12 day pay plan

Packed with unique coverage options!

  • High comprehensive liability limit options
  • Personal injury liability
  • Advertising liability
  • Theft coverage
  • Loss of rental income
  • $500 Fire extinguisher coverage: recharge or replace
  • $500 coverage for fire extinguishing systems
  • $500 lock replacement due to lost keys or theft
  • $100,000 damage to premises rented to you
  • $5,000 medical expenses
  • Contents coverage
  • Other structures coverage
  • Fine Arts
  • Condo Miscellaneous Real Property
  • Condo Loss Assessment
  • Watercraft Liability for canoes, etc provided with your rental
  • Professional appraisal provided with most King & Associates policies

We understand the stress you can experience at the time of a claim. Unfortunately, that’s too late to realize you have the wrong coverage.

We believe your insurance company should give you confidence when you’re most vulnerable.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that no matter when you call during our business hours, you will ALWAYS speak to a “live” person, NOT a machine! You will have a personal agent who knows you and your company. There is always someone to talk to, your questions will always be answered and your calls will always be returned.

OPTIONS INCLUDE: Theft Coverage - Includes Rent Protection Coverage, Partnerships, LLC's, Trusts, Corporations OK! - Provides High Liability Coverage Options for Lawsuit Protection - Offers Professional Appraisal Service.

Administered by:

King & Associates Insurance, LLC.
7125 Bakers Bridge Ave
Brentwood, TN 37027

Toll Free: 800.450.4305
Tel: 615.329.8121
Fax: 615.329.0557


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